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Photos of the entrance area (includes the boat docks, bus station and monorail station) for the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

The Main Street, U.S.A. train station stands proudly at the entrance to the theme park, welcoming guests to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  Beneath it is a Mickey Mouse flower display normally themed to compliment whatever celebration or event is currently occurring at the theme park.  Off in the distance behind the train station is Cinderella Castle, the famous icon for the Magic Kingdom.

This entrance area also serves as the transition point ending the journey to the Magic Kingdom and starting the next adventure as guests pass through the entrance turnstiles and enter the theme park.  Your method of arrival at the Magic Kingdom can be quite a fun experience.

Those people arriving from somewhere off Disney property will pass through the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).  At the TTC you'll have the option of riding the sleek and always impressive monorail system or the less impressive but reliable and large ferryboat to the Magic Kingdom.  Either option works and while the monorails are fun, the ferryboats can hold more people, which is important during the busier periods of time.  The ferryboat travels at a fast pace across Seven Seas Lagoon but the express monorail usually wins the race to the Magic Kingdom.

Guests staying at Disney's Contemporary, Polynesian or Grand Floridian Resort & Spa can ride the monorail directly to the Magic Kingdom.  The local monorail stops at all three resorts along with the Magic Kingdom and Transportation and Ticket Center.  All stations are covered though only the Contemporary Resort monorail station is climate controlled.

The resort launch boat ride is another way for guests at the Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to access the Magic Kingdom.  Guests staying at Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground also have direct boat access to the Magic Kingdom.  Boat rides from the Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness involve crossing Bay Lake, riding over the water bridge, and then cruising across Seven Seas Lagoon to reach the theme park.

Guests staying at Disney's Contemporary Resort can also walk to the Magic Kingdom.  There's a walkway that connects the resort to the front of the theme park.  Along the path you'll have a great view of Space Mountain and then walk along the monorail track and past the bus station.  It's about an eight minute walk from the lobby at the Contemporary to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom.

Finally, all other Disney resort guests have direct access to the Magic Kingdom via the Walt Disney World bus system.  The air-conditioned buses transport guests swiftly to the massive bus station near the entrance to the theme park.  Take note that bus service from other Kissimmee and Orlando hotels drop you off at the Transportation and Ticket Center, NOT the Magic Kingdom entrance.  If you ride one of those "other" buses, pay very close attention to the bus's parking spot and when it arrives and departs.  Disney resort guests need not worry about this as the Magic Kingdom's bus station is clearly labelled, and Disney buses continue operating up to an hour (longer during busier times) after the park closes.

Arriving at the Magic Kingdom can be a bit of an adventure if you're arriving from outside of the Disney resort area or are unfamiliar with the procedure.  Try to research your options ahead of time and then enjoy the journey to the theme park.  If you're arriving from a Disney resort hotel, sit back and relax as Disney transportation takes you right to the park's entrance.

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