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(June 19, 1998 - present)


History and photos of the DisneyQuest virtual theme park in the West Side at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World.

Back in the 1990s, Disney was experimenting with a concept of bringing the magic of Disney to populations that may have trouble accessing the world-class Disney theme parks in Anaheim, California, and Orlando, Florida.

Downtown Disney - West Side - DisneyQuest - 1998 - 01 Downtown Disney - West Side - DisneyQuest - 1998 - 02 Downtown Disney - West Side - DisneyQuest - 1998 - 03

DisneyQuest was designed as an indoor, virtual theme park filled with the latest technology in Disney-themed video and arcade games.  In addition to the video games, DisneyQuest would also have miniature attractions and plenty of virtual reality experiences.  The games themselves were designed to be modular and easy to replace and be upgraded.  The original concept called for the upgrading of games every couple of years, ensuring that DisneyQuest would stay on top of technological advances and the latest crazes.

Plans were developed for DisneyQuest locations to be constructed in many major cities and metropolitan areas, including international locations such as Toronto, Canada.

The first DisneyQuest opened in the West Side at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World on June 19, 1998DisneyQuest Chicago opened shortly later.  Unfortunately, DisneyQuest Chicago was plagued with low attendance, and that location permanently closed on September 4, 2001.  The failure of DisneyQuest Chicago meant an ending to all planned DisneyQuest locations.  DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World is the only DisneyQuest still in operation.

Downtown Disney - West Side - DisneyQuest - 2012 - 01 Downtown Disney - West Side - DisneyQuest - 2012 - 02

DisneyQuest is a five-story, completely interior virtual theme park located in the West Side at Downtown Disney.  Our host is the Genie from Disney's Aladdin, and he takes us up a magical elevator into the heart of DisneyQuest.

When DisneyQuest first opened it was a pay-per-play experience where there was a low admission fee and you had to pay for each game you wanted to play.  Each person would have a card and you would swipe the card at each machine to use your credits.  Credit reloading stations would be located throughout DisneyQuest, making it easy to reload your card and keep playing.

The pay-per-play version of DisneyQuest only lasted for a couple of years.  DisneyQuest changed its policy and switched to an "all included" admission ticket where all of the games (except the prize-play and photo booths) are free.

DisneyQuest guidemap - 2013

DisneyQuest guidemap - 2013

Today's version of DisneyQuest continues to draw in the crowds.  It's common for kids to have fun in DisneyQuest while their parents catch a showing of La Nouba at Cirque du Soleil, attend a concert over at House of Blues, or have an alcoholic drink at one of several establishments in Downtown Disney.

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