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Ridemakerz store (EXTINCT!)

(August 31, 2011 - early 2014)


History and photos of the Ridemakerz custom toy car store in the Marketplace at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World.

 Downtown Disney - Marketplace - Ridemakerz - 2012 - 01 Downtown Disney - Marketplace - Ridemakerz - 2012 - 02

Ridemakerz was a store that allowed customers to customize radio-controlled toy cars and trucks.  From the tires to the spoilers to the decals and everything else imaginable, there were literally over 649,000,000 combinations of customizations available.  You selected the base model, chose which add-ons you wanted on the vehicle, and a worker would help you assemble the car or truck right there in the store.  You could then take the car for the test drive in a special little proving area and make sure that it met your expectations.

Ridemakerz was similar to the popular Build-a-Bear stores that kids love so much.  Change the stuffed animals into radio-controlled cars, and there you go.  This store has fun written all over it.

The original Ridemakerz at Walt Disney World was located in the West Side part of Downtown Disney.  While that location was large and had room for all sorts of theming, including the latest models of real life sports cars and pickup trucks, the West Side location would turn out to be only temporary.  After a year and a half at the West Side, Ridemakerz moved to its alternate location in the Marketplace at Downtown Disney.  This Marketplace location opened on August 31, 2011.

The Ridemakerz location in the Downtown Disney Marketplace closed in early 2014.  It was replaced with the Marketplace Co-Op collection of stores.

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Downtown Disney - Marketplace - Ridemakerz store:

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