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History and photos of the Front Lot section of Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando.

Universal Studios Florida - Front Lot - 1991

When approaching and first entering Universal Studios Florida, park guests transition through the Front Lot.

The Front Lot is the entrance area to the theme park.  This area includes the area outside of the park's gates as well as the first hundred or so feet inside of the theme park.  The Front Lot is where you'll find many of the administrative offices for the theme park, where you can find out the filming schedules in the soundstages, and where you'll begin your fun inside of Universal Studios Florida.

Universal Studios Florida - Front Lot - 2000

Throughout the years, Universal Studios Florida has presented the image of being a real working film studio as well as a major theme park.  While Universal Studios Florida has filmed television shows on some of the soundstages, as well as parts of movies, the amount of filming done inside of this theme park is nothing compared to Universal Studios Hollywood in California.  Nevertheless, Universal Studios Florida still does a fantastic job of looking like a working film studio.

The Front Lot is the one area of Universal Studios Florida where you will not find any attractions.  There are no rides or shows in this part of the theme park, though people watching can be fairly entertaining (or rather frightening, depending on how you look at it) these days.  In the Front Lot you'll find the Studio Audience Center (the place where you can check the filming schedule and pick up tickets to be part of the studio audience) and the Universal Studios Store, the main store with a little bit of everything from throughout the theme park.

Universal Studios Florida - Front Lot - 2014

While the Front Lot is a very minor part of Universal Studios Florida, this section of the theme park functions as a "decompression zone," a place for guests to transition from the regular hustle and bustle of everyday life to that of a world of heavily themed lands and attractions.  This is also the place to orient yourself and plan your day at Universal Studios Florida.

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