Universal Orlando

CityWalk photos


Photos of the Universal CityWalk complex of shops and restaurants at Universal Orlando.

Opening in 1999, Universal CityWalk is an area of shops and restaurants that carry the Universal theme outside of the theme parks.

Universal CityWalk is also the gateway for most people going to the two Universal Orlando theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.  After arriving in the parking deck, the first sights that the guests encounter are those of CityWalk.  You'll walk past a dozen or so shops and restaurants before following the left path for Islands of Adventure or making that right turn to Universal Studios Florida.

CityWalk is Universal's answer to the West Side and now defunct Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney.  Major bands can be enjoyed at the Hard Rock Cafe, and top entertainers and restaurants can be found at the other restaurants and bars.

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NOTE Nights at Universal CityWalk can become very crowded.  There are often human traffic jams as people arriving for a night of CityWalk mix with the families and daytime park guests trying to return to the parking deck.  This can be extremely uncomfortable, especially with the summer heat and humidity.


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Universal Orlando - Universal CityWalk:

CityWalk - sign:

CityWalk - AMC Universal Cineplex 20 movie theater (2000 & 2014):

CityWalk - Blue Man Group Sharp Aquos Theatre:

CityWalk - Emeril's Restaurant Orlando, The Endangered Species Store (EXTINCT!), Motown Cafe Orlando (EXTINCT!):

CityWalk - NBA City Restaurant:

CityWalk - Universal Studios Store (current & original version):

CityWalk - evening & rain:

CityWalk - night: