Epcot '94


The official theme park guidemap for Epcot '94 at Walt Disney World from 1994.


Guide map's main theme: "Spaceship Earth's Global Neighborhood" & "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience"


Changes in the guide map include (since the 1992 guidemap):

- The park is renamed from EPCOT Center to Epcot '94.

- Temporary closing of "Horizons" after it loses its sponsorship by General Electric.

- Replacing of "Captain EO" 3-D show by "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience."

- Replacing of the "Harvest Theater" in The Land by "The Circle of Life."

- Replacing of "Kitchen Kabaret" in The Land by "Food Rocks."

- Replacing of the "Listen to the Land" boat ride in The Land by "Living with the Land."

- Renaming of "Broccoli, & Co." shop to "Green Thumb Emporium" in The Land.

- Replacing of "CommuniCore" in Future World by "Innoventions."

- Removal of the following attractions / exhibits in "CommuniCore": "Backstage Magic," "Energy Exchange," "FutureCom," "Expo Robotics," "Epcot Outreach," and "Epcot Teacher's Center."

- Replacing of the "Stargate Restaurant" in "CommuniCore East" by "Electric Umbrella Restaurant" in "Innoventions East."

- Replacing of the "Sunrise Terrace" restaurant in "CommuniCore West" by "Pasta Piazza Ristorante" in "Innoventions West."

- Removal of "La Gemma Elegante" shop in Italy.

- Removal of "Jewels of the Sahara" and "Fashions from Fes" shops in Morocco.

- Removal of "Showcase Gifts" shop at the International Gateway.

- Addition of the "Fountain of Nations Water Ballet Show" in Innoventions Plaza.

- Addition of "Fountain View Expresso and Bakery" in "Innoventions West."

- Addition of "Epcot Discovery Center" in "Innoventions West."

- Addition of "Refreshment Outpost" and "Village Traders" in World Showcase between China and Germany.

- The "Odyssey Center" is no longer a dining option for park guests.

- Addition of the annual "Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival."


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This guidemap for Epcot '94 is (c) The Walt Disney Company and Kodak.


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Epcot '94 guidemap - full map - 1994